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More than 300 agents specialised in luxury real estate market will guide and accompany you in your real estate project whether you want to buy or to sell a property.

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Nadira Khalimova Real Estate Agent

Andrew Mille Real Estate Consultant

Darya Huletskaya Real Estate Consultant

Florence Risler Consultante

Valentin Duclos Real Estate Consultant

Max Paton Williams

Liam Caron Real Estate Consultant Coldwell Banker® Riviera

Olivia Tripon Real Estate Consultant

Vanessa Kergreis Associate Real Estate Consultant - Exceptional Property

Véronique Thomas Luxury Real Estate Consultant

Arnaud Fourton Luxury Real Estate Consultant

Julia Poli Real Estate Agent

Loïc Le Goff Consultant en Immobilier Résidentiel

Gilles Narguet Consultant en Immobilier de Prestige

Aileen Rouquié Commercial Assistant

Paul Henri Safayan Real Estate Consultant

Franck Sauvignon Consultant en Immobilier Résidentiel

Christine Bianchi Presentation

Arnaud Fourton Luxury Real Estate Consultant

Claude Loiseau Prestige Advisor

Camille Milesi Communication Officer

Mélanie Guillet-Dauphiné Real Estate Consultant

Véronique Boillot Associate Real Estate Consultant - Exceptional Property

Antoine Prouvot Real Estate Consultant In Marcq en Baroeul

Fanny Concina Agent

Pierre Bidet

Romuald Lagnez Real Estate Consultant

Léa Cholet Real Estate Agent

Laurent Mourlon Residential Real Estate Consultant

Alice Couton Real Estate Agent

Catherine Bidet

Virginie Lippens Real Estate Consultant

Matthias Paret Real Estate Consultant

Manuela Andre

Alexandra Ciechomski Luxury Real Estate Consultant

Nathalie Managing Director

Joanna Bagnolini Real Estate Associate

Arno Grisel Consultant

Didier Fischer Residential Real Estate Consultant

Diana Diacov Real Estate Agent

David Rosier Consultant en Immobilier Résidentiel

Jenny Sannac Real Estate Consultant

Sabrina Jouty Real Estate Consultant

Sophie Decaix Rental Manager

Claire-Emmanuelle Roussot Dirigeante de l'Agence Toulouse

Daria Vlasova Consultante en Immobilier de Prestige

Baya Kirat Real Estate Agent

Romain Dancet Real Estate Consultant

Jenny Toulemonde Luxury Real Estate Broker

Benjamin Corblet Presentation

Alexis Minier Branch Manager Coldwell Banker Leading Realty

Gaëtan Conesa Real Estate Consultant

Corina Grosmaire Executive Assistant

Anastasiya Grallien Presentation

Alexandre Smith Real Estate Agent

Patricia Mante Proust Real Estate Agent

Lexandra Halos Consultant en Immobilier Résidentiel

Maxime Meslati Real Estate Agent

Jérémy Soria Director

Maxime Bianchi Director

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Our agencies

Coldwell Banker® is the most dynamic network in the luxury real estate market with 12 openings in 2019 alone.
Today, Coldwell Banker Europe Realty counts 40 offices and 300 real estate agents.