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Les clés d'une vente réussie : une juste estimation

Heritage is blue

Integrity, trust, commitment and customer service have been at the heart of Coldwell Banker®'s DNA since its inception in 1906. Today the values of the founders infuse the entire global network and in France, more than anywhere else, so much so that culture and the art of living are synonymous with luxury and prestige.

Each agent is following this heritage and carries it with pride, high standards and excellence.



After a terrible earthquake that devastated San Francisco, Colbert Coldwell founded his real estate company based on the value of client’s interest.


Colbert Coldwell invites Benjamin Arthur Banker to join him to create Coldwell Banker®.


Coldwell Banker® became a reference in luxury marketing thanks to cinematographic innovations.


Coldwell Banker® begins its international development and opens its first location outside USA, in Toronto.


Coldwell Banker® arrived in Europe Realty with the ambition of creating a unique relationship with its clients.


Coldwell Banker® Europe Realty begins a new development cycle with the strongest growth in the real estate industry

Les clés d'une vente réussie : une juste estimation

World is blue

Today Coldwell Banker® is the global leader in luxury real estate present in over 50 countries, with more than 31’000 offices and 92’000 agents.

The expertise of a global network


Les clés d'une vente réussie : une juste estimation

Just blue

In Europe Realty, Coldwell Banker® counts 40 offices and 350 agents at the service of their clients, with perfect knowledge of their local housing markets. At Coldwell Banker® Europe Realty, we rely on people who commit to the success of their clients’ goals.

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Coldwell Banker® is the most dynamic network in the luxury real estate market with 12 openings in 2019 alone.
Today, Coldwell Banker Europe Realty counts 40 offices and 300 real estate agents.