When major fashion brands take over your interior design

Haute couture, fragrance and leather goods are sectors in which luxury houses like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Sonia Rykiel, Christian Lacroix and Hermès have built their history and their brand. They’ve recently turned to conquering a new market: furniture and interior decoration. Now you can decorate your home with haute couture.


Dior is an haute couture fashion house founded in 1946 under the direction of couturier Christian Dior. It is one of the icons of French fashion. In 2016, Londoners discovered the House of Dior, four floors dedicated to the diversity of Dior creations. This was the site the brand chose to unveil its first Dior Home collection. Since then, Dior has continued to develop in this market and expand its collection. All the home items are now available on the brand’s website.

Dior turned to tableware, proposing plates, crystal glasses, cups, milk jugs and sets for children, in a range of styles. For leisure, the brand also offers cushions, pencils, candles and beach rackets.the space, like relics of a paradise open to all.

Louis Vuitton 

The famous French leather goods brand Louis Vuitton already ventured into homeware in 2012 with its Objets Nomades collection. It features furniture and design objects all crafted by some of the world’s best-known designers. 

Today, the collection has grown to include chairs, coffee tables and even paravent screens; all you need for an elegant interior design. Some extravagant objects like the table football are collector’s items for lovers of the monogram brand.


The Hermès fashion house, created in 1837, embodies French luxury. The brand also delved into the home sector in 2011 with a first collection called: Hermès Maison. Hermès designed its collections with the intention of accompanying their clients in their everyday lives.

The collection today is far bigger and seeks to accompany you throughout the day. The brand offers tableware, beach mats, desks, photo frames and many other objects to decorate each room in your house. 

Christian Lacroix

The haute couture brand of rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Christian Lacroix, was founded in 1987 and is famous for its Mediterranean-inspired pieces.It also decided to branch out into homeware. 

The brand went down the route of fabrics for upholstery infused with travel-inspired charm. The latest collection called L’odyssée, is a true escape from reality with multiple fabrics on offer. 

Sonia Rykiel

The famous haute couture brand was founded in 1968 by renowned couturière Sonia Rykiel, the creator of a fashion philosophy: la démode or ‘out of fashion’. Her style is a reflection of the times, and is described as “feminine, free, sensual and independent.” The brand is most well-known for its striped jumpers. 

In 2010 it moved into home textiles, in the same style with stripes and motifs tealing the show. The brand covers a range of home items, from cushions, fabrics, and decorative accessories to bedding and bathroom accessories.


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